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Black and Gray Wash Tattoo Shading Techniques

This useful information will help you to adding color shades to Tattoos.Read this Success Stories. Black and Gray Wash Tattoo Shading Techniques While tattooing, there is one particular coloring technique used, called black and gray wash technique, which is basically adding color shades to the patterns just to improve the quality of this artistic production.  Tattoo shading may be done to give a three-dimensional quality to the design, or to depict light and darkness, as in producing a shadow Read more [...]

LA Ink Tattoo Designs : Learn How to Choose Best Tattoo for you

Are you looking for Tattoo designs ,then you have to check out this largest collection of Tattoo designs in Internet. LA Ink Tattoo Designs Collection To decorate a human body with lasting designs and figures by way of introducing natural pigments through needle insertions may seem and sound terrifying, but this is a body art form that is in practice with exaggerated zeal currently. Why do People Get Tattoos Done? Yes, why?   The reasons vary.  Some may do it to keep the memories of their Read more [...]

How to Make 1920s Flapper Style Dress in Only One Hour

Learn to Make 20s Flapper Style Dress in Only 1 Hour How exciting and adventurous it can be to be able to make and design one’s own dresses.  Yes, there will be a lot of sewing to be done, a good amount of time will go in hunting the best quality material and suitable dress patterns, but the whole experience of making a dress will be fun and exciting. Dress Making How fast an individual is able to create a beautiful dress will all depend on how quick they are in deciding on a dress pattern, Read more [...]