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How to Write Comedy – Learn What Makes People to Laugh

Is it possible to learn to write comedy ? Yes , it is possible to acquire that skill by learning the secret techniques of script writing.Read these Success Stories . Learn To Write Comedy - for Skits ,Stories or for Public Speeches. Comedy and tragedy are interlaced together, always.  These are those elements of everybody’s life that cannot be ignored for long. The comedy of our life situations will bring out a chuckle or two; it can even invoke absolute laughter.  Unpleasant and regrettable Read more [...]

How to Become a Fashion Buyer and Designer

Become a Fashion Buyer and Designer High fashion, haute couture, is more of a luxury, a state of being luxuriant.  A prevailing style of dressing, adopted by many, is done more as a mode of expression, an expression of one’s own personality.  However, what was considered to be in vogue some time back, will not be considered so fashionable anymore at the present time, and something more chic and sophisticated can appear in the future.  Fashion styles always keeps evolving, keeps changing, and Read more [...]

Tattoo Design Ideas to Make Tattoos

How to Learn Tattoo with Designs Tattoo as an art form has been around since the ancient times.  The purpose of getting a tattoo done varies from culture to culture, but in the recent times, it has become more of a fashion object, a fashion craze, sometimes a blind choice. Getting a tattoo done is a decision to be taken after great thought.  Once the decision is made firm, then choosing an appropriate tattoo design, and on which body part will it look good have to be decided on.  But above Read more [...]

Learn Trick Photography Techniques Online

Trick Photography Mastering Usually, the wildlife parks, bird sanctuaries and places of scenic beauty draw shutterbugs from across the world to take images with such creative ability.  Some people resort to capturing pictures of the most happiest moments of their life, giving them the ability to relive them again later in life.  The essential accessory for capturing the perfect picture is an upscale camera, right?  Wrong.  While that is the usual assumption, the type of camera is not important Read more [...]

Ventriloquism Course : How to Learn Ventriloquism Fast & Easy

Find here  can improvised learning techniques to learn Ventriloquism fast & easy .Read Testimonials . Ventriloquism Course Ventriloquism is an art by itself.  Ventriloquism is an illusion to one’s eyes.  Ventriloquism is one art type that has been around for years together. What is Ventriloquism? This is an ability to produce sounds from one’s vocal chords in such a manner to make it seem to be coming from a distant source, and not from the speaker.  ‘Venter’ is taken from Latin Read more [...]