How to Draw Caricature for Beginners

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Learn To Draw Caricature

CaricatureIs caricature and cartoon drawing one and the same?  No.  Yes, while both are drawings done with the intention of inciting humor, there are subtle differences.

Cartoons are generally created to expose vices and follies of a formulated thought formed in the mind of the public, but caricatures are illustrations filled with sarcasm of a particular person or thing.

Both, however, can be used to serve a purpose – either to politicize an event, to insult or compliment a public figure, or to depict ideas related to the improvement of public issues.


This particular word ‘caricature’ is obtained from the Italian term ‘caricare’ meaning, to load.  Hence, caricature could be translated as – a ‘loaded’ pictorial representation of a person.  In film and fashion magazines, it is common to see caricatures of famous models and actors; and in dailies one usually gets to see caricatures of politicians and famous socialites.  In caricatures, certain characteristics of a person are generally depicted in an exaggerated form, and certain other traits are represented in much simpler forms.

Nowadays, it is not important to have drawing skills to create caricatures, for they can even be produced by means of a computer.  But here, one will need to have more advanced knowledge in computer systems, with the requirement of skills being more complex than this much simpler method of creating caricatures, which is using a paper and pen or pencil only.

Learning to Draw Caricatures

It would be fun to be able to convert one’s personal photos into a caricature.  You wish you had developed this ability to create caricatures on your own?  It is not too late.  This is something that can be learnt in a speedy manner without much difficulty.

Technology has become so sophisticated that it allows easy accessibility to video presentations online, making it an incredible teaching tool, which can also help in making the life of any learner much easy.  Likewise, a seven day caricature course has been created by Graeme Biddle that provides guiding information on ‘how to draw caricatures quickly and easily’, which is in a downloadable format.  The course named ‘Fun with Caricatures’ is a product that teaches one to acquire skills to draw incredible caricatures; and, reveals trade secrets, ‘wisdom, tips, tricks, and techniques’ of this well known caricature artist.

Inside this instructional system, one will find –

–       Seven days of classes

–       Ten instructional videos presenting techniques, which are all illustrated in a step-by-step manner

–       3D graphics to facilitate mastering this art more effectively

–       Countless drawings that details out every trick of the trade, and much more.

All this and a couple of bonus gifts are something worthy of investing in by those who have this interest in drawing.

Are you on the lookout of an online course that will teach you more than merely to draw?  Are you interested in learning to draw caricatures?  Presentation of a series of instructional videos is the best technology through which drawing can be taught to anybody, and there is this particular system, a program, that has been growing in popularity which will teach the art of caricaturing with much speed and excitement, for those interested in learning this art.  Take a look at it.