How to Draw Realistic Portraits in 4 Easy Steps

 Draw Realistic Portraits

A portrait of oneself done by an artist (or even by self) is usually done so to be kept for one’s lifetime.  It is not how famous or unpopular an artist is, who is being approached to get a portrait done that matters; people generally look for the artist’s ability to create pictures from life.  An artist who knows how to breathe life into the portraits done by them will be favored the most, and their art pieces will be treasured for life.


Portrait paintings are generally representations of persons, usually showing just their face, in a pictorial style.  While portrait drawing can also be done from observing photos, generally it is considered best to draw with a live model seated in front of the drawing artist.  There will be a sense of life and enhance the artist’s power to give life to the portraits made.  Then, there is the convenience of making self portraits whereby people can observe themselves in a mirror and draw.

In the earlier times, portrait drawing was restricted or could only be afforded by the rich and famous, and was done more to describe an individual’s power and status.  But now, even portraits of people’s beloved pets are being made.

Learning How to Draw Portraits

The online video presentation titled ‘How to Draw a Portrait in 4 Easy Steps’, which comes absolutely free, presents ‘a series of professional quality portrait drawing tutorials’, all of which have been put together by its creator who goes by the name of Ethan.  Even people, who are thinking about making an attempt at drawing for the very first time in their life, will be able to give a professional touch to their portraits made, by just following the given instructions, since they are that easy to be understood, even for a novice.

The portrait drawing tutorials presented in this system is done so in a step-by-step manner, showing interested individuals how –

–       Common mistakes that almost all drawing artists make can be avoided to give a flawless quality to their sketches

–       Every facial feature like the eyes, nose, teeth, lips, hair can be drawn with perfection

–       Shading can be done to give the sketches a more realistic appearance, and

–       Lesser known facts about portrait making are also disclosed, like for example, how a simple ‘2-minute trick’ can keep one’s portrait in proportion whenever portrait making is attempted at, etc.

Every technique and method of drawing portraits are illustrated in a clear-cut manner within this system, and is in a straightforward language that will guide one through their journey of portrait making in a remarkable manner.

Have you ever wondered how easy (or difficult for that matter) will portrait drawing be?  It is not as complex as it sounds, actually.  Or at least, this specific online system shows how easy portrait making can be made, by simply following the techniques detailed out within.  So, gain entry into it as soon as possible and start to impress your friends and relatives with the awesome portraits that you will make.