How to Learn American English Accent at Home: Online Training

Researcher’s have  found improvised methods to  quickly learn American Accent & Speak like a native American.You can speak confidently & understand all American English Accent like General ,Standard ,Middle & Upper Class accent.

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American Accent Training Online To Learn American English Accent Fast

american accent regionalA language having originated in another region, another country, and which is not spoken by an individual as their native language can be referred to as a foreign language.  Certain individuals learn more than one language during their growing years; either from their process of education, or from their immediate environment like neighbors and friends, and this cannot be referred to as a foreign language but a second language that they have acquired some knowledge about.  However, many schools and educational institutions offer foreign language to be taken up as a second language, giving students the opportunity to pursue their higher education in other nations.

Even the English language, which is the most widely spoken language throughout the entire world, is also a foreign language for some, like example, for the people of Spain, Italy, China, Portugal, France, Poland, Romania, etc.  However, for some, English is treated as a first language, since this language is necessary to fulfill most of their regular functions of significant worth.

English Language

american3English is the official language spoken by the people of United States, England, and nations that are formerly under British control.  This language is further categorized into two, American English and British English.  Though, both are not considered to be so diverging from each other so as to be referred to as two different languages, there is some clear distinctiveness between the two.  American English obviously is spoken in the U.S., and British English is the native language of most inhabitants of England.

English colonization in the United States resulted in the use of English in this area.  From this time onwards, the American English language has been influenced to a great extent by the German and West African languages.

The difference between American and British English lies in the grammar to a lesser extent than at the level of vocabulary and speech sounds.  There is a slight variation in spellings, like for example, meter (American)/metre (British); color (American)/colour (British); minimize (American)/minimise (British) etc.

Learning American English & Get Comfortable with American Accent

American English is spoken with a distinct accent and at a relatively fast pace.  People who think they are familiar with the English language, should give a hearing to how the people of U.S. utter it.  English spoken in these areas are heavily accented and full of slang, which can sound as a confused unintelligible language for those unfamiliar to it.

Improvised Method : The American Accent Audio Course by Sheri Summers

american2Mastering the American accent can be quite tricky, especially for those who do not speak the language in a habitual manner.  For such individuals, joining the course offered by The American Accent Audio Course is highly recommended because of its effectiveness in helping non-English speakers acquire the accent, tone, timing, and pronunciation accurately.  This course created by Sheri Summers, offers 24 audio lessons that can either be downloaded or obtained in a CD format, and comes with easily understandable step-by-step instructions, a complete workbook, and an Awareness Journal to help one in tracking their progress.

Interested in learning how to speak American English with its distinctive accent?  Join the American Accent Audio course program.  This is an audio instructional program that will guide one to speak the language with confidence and to pronounce with the right accent…all of this at quick speed.