How to Learn Hindi : Speak Fluently & Understand Like a Native

Find here Improvised Hindi Learning method to quickly learn Hindi to speak,write & read like a native Hindi speaker.You can learn Hindi at home using these easy tutorials.

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How to Learn Hindi Fast & Speak with Perfect Native Accent

hindi2In India, languages spoken are varied and diverse.  Languages spoken in northern and southern India are different from one another, unlike in sound and characters.  Southern languages spoken are Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, while in the northern regions most people speak or can at least understand Hindi language.  People residing in parts of Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan also are able to understand this language.

While most well-known educational institutes conduct classes in English language, Hindi in most of these institutions is being taught as the second language. It is one language that has to be learnt compulsorily by all, either as a second or third language.

The Language Called Hindi

hindi alphabets

Hindi Alphabets

Hindi is the official language spoken in areas of northern India.  While for a group of Indians, Hindi is their mother tongue, for a large group of people Hindi is learnt as a second language.  Hindi is a branch of the Indo-Aryan language family that includes Bengali and Punjabi.  It has been found that Hindi as a language is a direct descendant of the Sanskrit language, which is considered to be the classical language of Hinduism.  This is one expressive language with most words having a quality of being precise, yet simple and gentle sounding.

Hindi is written in Devanagari script, while during the ancient times it used to be written with the Brahmi script.  Any foreign-born individual who has tried to learn this Indian language will know how difficult it is for a non-Indian to even get down to the basics of this language.  But for that matter, trying to learn any language other than one’s native dialect will be a difficult process for anybody.  In case with learning the Hindi language, though, trying to articulate and pronounce may be easy for most learners, but trying to write the script will require some hard work.

Learning Hindi at Home

Trying to learn new foreign languages with the help of audio lessons have been found to play a key role in helping ardent learners learn the language with such accuracy, so much so that eventually they will begin to sound like native speakers.  Most often, these audio lessons that are available online can be downloaded and listened to when needed, played and re-played, until the language is mastered.

Rocket Hindi Premium Learning Course – Improvised Hindi Course

Hindi Rocket CourseIf one is interested in learning Hindi language, this can be done online with the Rocket Hindi Premium learning course created by Nikita Sharma in close association with her two English-speaking colleagues, who have worked together to make one’s learning experience truly an easygoing and pleasant one.

What does the course offer?  One will get –

–       29 repeatable audio lessons

–       Rocket Record, a tool enabling the learner to compare one’s own distinctive manner of expression with that of the native speaker’s

–       Word games

–       Testing tools

–       Motivational badges, and

….much more.

Individuals trying to learn a foreign language will need to have enough motivation, and this motivating force can be got by joining the language learning courses offered by the Rocket Languages online learning program.  In truth, learning a foreign language will not be tough for any individual who is seriously interested in learning it.