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Airbrushing is a technique in photography that was popularly used on photographs that made it to magazines and weeklies.

This technique allowed photographs to appear flawless, not naturally, but doctored in such a manner that the models and subjects on magazine covers looked absolutely perfect, with no skin imperfections like age lines, blemishes, etc. seen, nor excess body weight perceived.

Photo Editing Online Course

Now, this technique is more widely known as photo editing, but done more to so to create an illusory effect on captured pictures rather than focus on the appearance of the subjects in the given pictures.  Photo editing is more a manipulative technique used to adjust the background color, contrast, brightness; to bring certain objects in the photos taken to a suitable size; and to add special effects to the pictures taken.

When the color, contrast, brightness, sharpness of a photo is manipulated with, the term used in photography is technical retouching.  Altering the photos by adding three-dimensional elements and creative images will be known as creative retouching.

How is Photo Editing Done?

At the present time, it is done by taking photos using digital cameras, which are then fed into a computer, where alterations are made using editing softwares.  Earlier, before computers came into existence, this technique was done by piecing negatives together or by retouching with ink, and the resultant image scanned will have very little resemblance to the original pictures taken.

There are several other techniques involved in photo editing, and currently this is considered more as an art form, and treated less with scorn.

Learning Photo Editing at Home

What is understood by professional photographers is that no matter how high-end one’s camera make and its paraphernalia may be, with absolute zero knowledge on how to operate them or with limited skills in photography, one will never be able to capture stunning, high-quality pictures ever.

It is natural to feel disappointed when pictures taken lack clarity or do not look the way one wanted it to be.  But what most of these people fail to understand is that there are certain techniques that could be followed to improve the quality of photos taken by them.  There is this cool photo editing tutorial available online that teaches how ordinary photos can be changed by artful means, to create strikingly impressive pictures.

This tutorial offers lessons on –

–       Tone mapping and color grading

–       Photo manipulation techniques

–       How photos taken from one’s own personal collection can be used to print and create customized magazine covers

–       Photo color correction or color grading

–       Proper use of photo touching techniques

–       Techniques to follow to give personal photos a classic look

–       How to compose photos, and

–       How some of the above said methods can be combined to create awesome pictures

This online tutorial is given the name of Learn Photo Editing, and comes at a price that is exceedingly low.

You planning on investing in the most newest and expensive camera, and/or camera equipment available in the market, with the help of which you think you will be able to capture high-quality pictures?  It is advised then that this online course on photo editing be given a cursory glance first.  Once you finish browsing through, in all probability the desire of buying a new camera would have expunged.