How to Learn to Draw Manga Characters Easily & Quickly

Find here step by step instructions & guide to learn to draw manga people,manga eyes,faces,bodies,animals & cloths etc.Check out these mango drawings.

Learn to Draw Manga

mangaMost of us would have spent our holidays reading comic books, especially so during our childhood days.  Some of us would have developed an interest in reading itself, from reading comics.  The current comic books are quite different from the older ones, and some surely feel that the older versions are worth getting back.

Manga Characters

Manga are comic strips that are read by people of Japan, both young and old.  Manga characters originated around the 19th century and follow a distinctive manner of expression that is unique to the people of Japan.  Reading these sequential strips of comic have become so popular in Japan, that even cafes, called manga cafes, have cropped up where people can borrow and read manga for a specific fee.

The manga characters do not have a huge market in any other country than Japan.  The manga books are not characterized by a very high prize, in fact they are less expensive than periodicals and illustrated magazines.  One could say that to a very large extent, this style of cartoon drawings, arranged in a sequence to tell a story, was influenced by the American comic strips that appeared in dailies.

Learning to Draw Manga Characters Online

Whosoever is interested in manga characters and wish they had the ability to draw them, should check out the various sites that offer lessons in the unique techniques of drawing manga.

Want to draw awesome, fantastic anime characters, but have no previous manga drawing skills?  To be able to make and create your own manga character, find out what this program has to offer.  This is an online system that helps one discover how manga characters, their appropriate facial expressions, various body movements, eyes, hands, hair, clothing and other details can be drawn to perfection.  It is a program created by Malcolm Matheson, and called ‘Mad About Manga’, that will teach one how to actually draw the characters, rather than re-create them from other artist’s work.

If you are new to drawing manga characters, this program will show you how to start off with basic shapes and objects, the preliminary steps which will act as the unit for constructing more complex shapes and figures as one progresses to more advanced stages of learning how to draw.

Some of the tips and information given out by this online program are detailed below –

–       One will learn how to draw those details that will help in showing differences between male and female body figures

–       How to draw characters in any body position

–       How a 3D effect can be achieved while drawing manga

–       Techniques shown to breathe life into manga characters drawn

–       How manga scripts can be written by self, and various other writing techniques are also disclosed

All of these and much more invaluable information can be derived once this online program is purchased by interested individuals.  Along with this system comes another bonus product, without charge, which will further enhance one’s drawing skills.