How to Make Cardboard Cutouts of People – Real Life Cutouts

Find here simplest & quickest method to make real life looking & sized  Cardboard Cutouts of people.Read these Success Stories.

Easy Way to Make Life Sized Cardboard Cutouts 

Opening of '1D World' pop up storeYou wondering how to create the right atmosphere, get the right mood and feeling for a party that is just round the corner?  How about getting life-size cardboard cutouts?  Cutouts of natural size made from cardboard are something of a craze now, especially while holding parties in a big way.  For kiddie parties, cartoon characters are the usual choice; and when held to celebrate birthday occasions of grown-ups, cutouts and standees of their favorite celebrities are generally preferred.  Some also enjoy having cutouts of their family members and close friends around them while giving parties.  Holding a play with cardboard cutouts of various celebrated persons is also possible.

Making Cutouts

Cutouts can be made out of any material, but cardboard is the preferred material for making them, and are usually made life size.  If it is a celebrity cutout that is being made, a clear picture of theirs will need to be obtained first.  Follow this by blowing up the image to its original size, and then print it out on separate sheets of paper.  Glue these sheets together until a complete and whole picture is obtained, and then place the entire picture on a paperboard, cut the outline, after which the image can be mounted on it.

The one detailed above is actually a simple method that one could follow to make cardboard cutouts.  But for more elaborate projects, and to get a more professional touch to one’s life-size cutouts, one will need help.

Learning How to Make Cardboard Cutouts Online

You think it is a rather expensive party merchandise to invest in?  Nah!.  You can make your very own cardboard cutouts at minimum expense and in an easy manner.  All of this is possible by simply following the step-by-step methods detailed out in this particular online program, that teaches people how to make ‘custom cardboard cutouts the way you want them’, which is offered by, and created by Brad Couper.

The use of cardboard cutouts does not stop at just for parties and other social gatherings.  One can also make life-sized cardboard cutouts of their near-and-dear ones, of their favorite celebrity, or even of themselves to promote either their business or industrial enterprise.  By just following this comprehensive guide on how to create a natural sized standup or standee, it is possible for any individual to ensure that their guests are having a great time, and……. feel welcomed.  Wondering how?  Imagine a room filled with cutouts of your guests’ faces!  I am sure they will feel at home….don’t you think so?

Get your very own copy of this amazing tutorial that will –

–       Provide designs and concepts for life-size cutouts

–       Teach how images can be got from one’s personal collection of photos, photonegatives, or from online sites

–       Teach what kind of mistakes need to be refrained from

–       Provide a software as well as instructions on how to use it

–       Give a list of occasions where such cutouts can be put to use aptly

–       And much more invaluable information

Surprise your friends and family members by showing them your ability to make life-size cardboard cutouts, an ability that can be acquired by investing in this particular online system, that will teach one how to make them in a brief period of time.