How to Make 1920s Flapper Style Dress in Only One Hour

Learn to Make 20s Flapper Style Dress in Only 1 Hour

How exciting and adventurous it can be to be able to make and design one’s own dresses.  Yes, there will be a lot of sewing to be done, a good amount of time will go in hunting the best quality material and suitable dress patterns, but the whole experience of making a dress will be fun and exciting.

Dress Making

1920s Flapper Style Dress

1920s Flapper Style Dress

How fast an individual is able to create a beautiful dress will all depend on how quick they are in deciding on a dress pattern, cutting pieces of material, and stitching them all together.

Dress makers generally prefer to take some time to create a dress, to get the entire process right, and to give some leeway for mistakes and errors that could be corrected without much urgency.

Those who take it upon themselves to make dresses, maybe for their nieces or their very own daughters, generally do it at a fast pace once the technique is understood and perfected well.

Spending Less Time in Dress Making

There are some techniques that could be followed to make dresses in a short time.  For this, individuals should look for patterns that require minimal sewing, and involve only sewing in simple and straight lines.  Here, the type of fabrics chosen will also play some role, for some textures will need to be handled delicately and with great care, with more time spent in handling it properly; and there are some other fabric materials that can be subjected to any kind of stress without resulting in any splits or tears.

Learning to Make a Dress in One Hour

Take a look at this online program that teaches how a dress can be made in less than an hour.  Easy, simple to follow instructions will let anyone, even one who knows next-to-nothing about sewing, to start making costumes.  This is one such program that teaches the basics of dressmaking, as well as other useful related information that any sewing beginner will need.  This is an e-book that can be easily downloaded after its purchase, and is known by the name of ‘The One Hour Dress’ that comes in a digital download format.

Within the system, one will find –

–       Introduction to dressmaking

–       Approximately ten steps that needs to be followed to make a dress

–       Dress pattern variations that can be proceeded with

–       And much more

In addition to this, the purchaser will obtain separate four free bonus products that will assist in developing further skills and knowledge, so as to improve one’s sewing abilities.

Obtaining one-on-one lessons would be ideal to learn dressmaking techniques completely and adequately.  A sewing mentor in the guise of instructional videos that presents with invaluable information on manual and technical requirements would be appropriate for any beginner to begin learning the art of dressmaking.  And this specific online program is adapted to meet the educational needs of one who sews, especially for those who are relatively new to sewing.  This is a very affordable system which is jam packed with resources on sewing basics; so, get your very own copy without any delay.