Learn to Conjugate Spanish Verbs with Spanish Verb Conjugation Software

Find here Why Conjugation Software is the best option to learn Spanish Verb conjugation.This will help you to master the art of Spanish Verb conjugation.

Conjugate Spanish Verbs

To learn any specific language completely, the grammatical phenomena of that language too will need to understood and studied appropriately.  The grammatical structure of a language, its analysis and comparison is essential for one to not only acquire knowledge about that particular language, but also for one to be able to understand it without having to need in-depth explanations.  A famous learned person had stated that ‘……the theory of grammar is a theory of human language and hence establishes the relationship among all languages’.

Spanish Language

conjugator2As a part of the Indo-European, Spanish is also referred to as the Romance language, considered to be the official language for most people living in Spain, USA, and Latin Americans.  Spanish employs Latin alphabetic characters to write words, and this is a language that is a product of heavily conjugated verbs and verb/tense expressions.



According to the Webster dictionary, the verb is – ‘a word that characteristically is the grammatical center of a predicate and expresses an act, occurrence, or mode of being, that in various languages is inflected for agreement with the subject, for tense, for voice, for mood, or for aspect….’

Spanish language has three established forms of expression and every Spanish verb will belong to any one of them.  There are ten indicative tenses to the Spanish verb, and each tense has seven forms.  The study of the classes of Spanish words, their functions, grammatical structures, and its syntax, in truth is a rather complicated affair.

Learning Spanish Grammar

As is, learning a foreign language requires lot of hard work, and special skills.  Along with this, getting the syntax of a language, the linguistic elements, and arriving at the perfect, harmonious arrangement of words and phrases will add more difficulties to one’s Spanish language learning process.

Spanish Verb Conjugation Software called the Verbarrator.

conjugatorPeople who find it difficult to couple together Spanish verbs according to its systemic rules and thus shy away from expressing themselves in whatever little Spanish they have learnt, should invest in this verb conjugation software called the Verbarrator.  This will act as one’s ‘Spanish verb conjugation station’, which will enable any Spanish language learner to master the right technique of conjugating Spanish verbs.

The features that can be got along with this particular software are as follows –

–       Customizable Personal Filter and Custom Verb List Creation – enabling one to fit the learning program according to individual specifications

–       Score Panel – to keep a track of one’s progress

–       The ability to select those forms of verb, that expresses or distinguishes time, which one needs to work on more

–       Fun elements added which aim at perfecting the learner’s language skills

The initial steps to establish this particular software was taken by Patrick Jackson, who has put in 34,770 audio files together, enabling any new beginner to pick up the Spanish language in a quick manner during their learning process.  This is a software that will work equally well on Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Vista, and comes with a MAC compatible version too.

Interested in learning the Spanish language?  Do you wish to not just be comfortable in speaking the language, but also get the grammatical sentence formations right?  Then learning the language with the help of the Verbarrator software is worthy of trial.