Master the Art of Flying a Camera : DIY Glidecam Shots

Find here how to learn the art of balancing glidecam or art of flying camera quickly .Watch the shots taken with this methods.

Motion Stabilizer Training : Glidecam Balancing

glidecam-4000To capture great pictures, it is not only vital to have a camera of high quality, it is also important for one to know how to handle a camera well.  With many of us not having any basic knowledge of photography, we usually find fault in the camera equipments that are owned by us, for not getting clear and sharp pictures while photographing, rather than understand the fact that not all us actually know how to take photos properly.  Individuals just go ahead and invest in expensive camera and its accessory objects, and do not even try to spend some amount of time in getting to know how to operate and use them in an appropriate manner.

Cameras and Lenses

Cameras come in various types and designs.  There are certain kinds of cameras that are used to capture still photographs and then there are other kinds that can be used to take motion pictures.  However, there are specific cameras, especially the digital cameras that make it possible to take both still photographs, as well as videos.

While taking still photographs with hand held cameras, a problematic concern is camera shake that blurs out photos.  If it is a moving video that is being captured, operating a camera while being held in the hand can lead to jerky and abrupt video capturing.

Camera Stabilizer Home Training

Camera stabilizers are commonly used with motion picture cameras, cam-recorders, and video cameras, to enable the cameraman/woman capture super smooth moving film shots while they walk, while in a moving vehicle, while climbing up and down stairs, or even while running, without creating any impression of a camera shake.

Training in how to use a camera stabilizer so as to be able to capture motion images can be a tremendous learning experience for anybody interested in making their own private motion pictures or video clips.  Training toward successfully learning to operate a camera when you are in motion can be accomplished by accessing this online service called “Art of Flying” Training Video, created by award-winning cinematographers known by the name of Michael Gebben and Switzer Films.

This is a system where one can gain instant entry into, and upon accessing it, they will get to know –

–       How a camera, it can be of any make and model, can be accurately positioned on the stabilizer device

–       How the horizontal and vertical balance can be adjusted appropriately to get both fast and slow moving shots perfectly

–       How to capture perfect films while walking, running, or being on move

–       How camera movement techniques, like panning shots, can be used to capture flawless films

–       The type of camera lenses that will need to be used for capturing different shots

–       How to slide the camera from one location to another without needing to make any balance adjustments

Learn to develop a variety of camera movement techniques with the camera set on a stabilizer, by investing in this online service that offers the best training course, ever created thus far, of a high-caliber, yet priced at a very affordable rate.  This course teaches how video shots can be taken by self, and that too while in motion, without creating jerky motion pictures; and this skill can be acquired in the shortest timeframe ever possible.