Online Video Lesson to Learn To Dance Multilple Dance Styles

Find here how to learn to dance The Cha Cha , FoxTrot ,The Jive,The Rhumba,Salsa,Samba,Dance Tango,The Waltz – using online video lessons.Read These Success Stories

Celebrity Dance Coaching with Louis Van Amstel

chacha-storDancing to music may be done for the sheer joy of it, or it may be performed to build up strength, stamina, and overall well-being.  Dancing also has the power to relieve stress by letting people forget about their worries and struggles of life.  People should just dance through life, or should dance as often as possible until it becomes a way of life!

The Art of Dancing

Performance arts are art forms that require to be performed by an artist – a song sung by a singer, a play performed by actors, and a dance performed by a dance artist.  Performance arts give people the freedom of expression, especially dancers, who can express explicitly through body movement and facial expressions.

Hence, dancing may be perceived as a very creative means by which a person’s inner feelings can be conveyed through the language of body, namely – hand gestures, body postures, eye movements, facial expressions, etc.

Dancing styles are varied.  It is best to focus on one dance form at a time; get to learn it thoroughly, master it completely, even before thinking about trying out a new dance style.  Ballet, tap dancing, jazz, swing dance, contra dance, belly dance, break dance are all fun type of dance forms; while ballroom dancing, salsa, tango, etc. are more serious types but at the same lively and fun.

Learning to Dance at Home

Trying out a dance form, it could be any style, will initially seem very difficult for any amateur dancer.  This is because all of us find certain body movements easy to perform and certain others, difficult.  But once the dance style is learnt, even getting to learn its basics, provides amusement and enjoyment.  However, it is important to find someone who can teach dancing, rather than try difficult moves on their own.  Else, get ready to face broken bones and other types of injuries!

Louis Let’s Dance is an online program that will teach anyone to be able to dance like the stars.  This package has been put together by Louis Van Amstel, a well known choreographer who has taught many celebrities to put their best foot forward.  Upon accessing it, one will obtain invaluable advice on all that they will need to know about learning to dance.

This system contains about 8 videos, all depicting eight different styles of dancing, namely –

–       Learn to Dance the Cha Cha

–       Learn to Dance FoxTrot

–       Learn to Dance Salsa

–       Learn to Dance Tango

–       Learn to Dance The Waltz

–       The Jive

–       The Rhumba

–       The Samba

Along with these comes a bonus audio CD that will work in practice to improve and master the art of dancing, especially the eight different styles described in this particular package.

Planning to learn to dance?  It is best to start off by learning to dance one specific style, focus on one dance form at a time, rather than try to learn multiple dance styles at a given time.  Nevertheless, do take a look at this dance instructional video package that teaches eight different dance forms, and select the dance style of your choice, depending on how much time you are able to devote to the learning process.